The History

Romeo Briar is a family business founded in 1950.
Vinci Domenico, (my fathers uncle) was at that time the director of a large briar factory in Calabria in the south of Italy. He gave the Romeo family the opportunity to start their own briar factory.

35 years ago my father - Romeo Filippo - moved to the north, to Taggia, where he built the factory where we now are situated.
In the early days, briar cutting was “Big Business”, and at that time there were 10 employees at Romeo Briar who supplied the most important pipe factories Europe.
Romeo Filippo has always understood the trade of the business and always known what to focus on. Today therefore, we focus more on quality than quantity.

I ended up in this “crazy” business 14 years ago and I learned all my skills from my father and my uncle.
After five years of hard work, my father asked me if I was prepared to continue the family business, and without any doubt in my mind, I answered “YES”.

Today all the business is managed by me and my father.

Mimmo (Me)

Romeo Filippo (My father)